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Smoking Matters

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while, yeah? A lot has happened. A lot that I want to blog about, but half the time when I try to write I lose my gusto.

AnywayI read something that got me a little worried. It's about smoking and you can read it on Jeremy's blogspot here. Now if you do read it, please go as far as to click on the link in that blog and see the BBC story on smoking. That is the issue today.

I'm not a smoker. I really DO NOT like cigarette fumes and I'm slightly asthmatic. I understand that lung cancer and emphysema are deadly killers. So any moves to get me away from the pollution caused by cigarettes is welcome. That said, however, I have lots of friends that smoke, male and female. And I love them so much that I will hang around them even if it means falling a bit ill. That is a choice I have made BY MYSELF. Not because someone made me, or because of excessive advertising by the tobacco companies. So what I don't understand is why people who call the…

Exhale, it matters

I'm choking again
I can't breathe
It's these walls
My defences, my protection
My barriers.
They are caving in
And at the time when they were only picket fences
Merely demarcating my personal space.
Now they mark the premises of my reluctant prison.
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