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Meghan Trainor

I had seen one of her videos but I honestly thought she was a fluke. Then a girl on Project Fame performed -excellently I might add- her All About The Bass and I went searching for her all over again.
You know that feeling when the lyrics of a song could have been written by you with the same character and attitude? That was All About The Bass for me. Suddenly I wished I had heard her when I was 21 and feeling awkward about what eventually turned out to be my gorgeous years.  I immediately downloaded her whole EP and it has been on repeat for a while. I mean what is not to love in a confident, witty, talented young woman?

The album Title in my opinion, should be given to every young lady to build their confidence. It is the anthem that most young women want to recite but either do not know how to or do not have the confidence to. The title song, Title, speaks about what is commonly referred to as 'underG' in Nigeria. You are in some sort of relationship with a guy but he refu…