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I'm Mobile!

I can blog from my phone! I'm in heaven.
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My mobile blog

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I've really grown

Years ago I would never have been that brave or honest. When I turned 30, within me I was quite sad. I felt , 'ok, here goes the trip over the hill'. But 30 is a magical number.

I just finished chatting today with a good friend of mine. Now i use the term 'good' very loosely.You know those friends with whom you have a weird relationship? Like the on again-off again boyfriend or the girl who you ALWAYS fight bitterly with but end up telling all your secrets? Well, he falls into that category.

We met about 4 years ago at the world famous Motherlan'. I knew who he was, so I was just staring at him. He saw a pretty girl and loved the attention. ( I no get time for modesty today, jare.) So he did the right thing and asked my friend to introduce us, we chatted into the night, hung out the next day, I dropped him off at the airport, and he went back to his country. On his next trip to Nigeria, I became i became his official girlfriend, at least of Nige…

Boyfriend Matters

Na wa O!

This my boyfriend has done it again o. I don tire, I no do again. I mean what sort of mental harassment is this? See me see trouble o. I mean can't a girl just lay her head down to rest for one minute? Must she watch her man like a hawk? Wetin dey do all these men sef? Can't a guy who looks and acts gentle, quiet and kind just be gentle and quiet and kind? Ok, let me just tell you what happened.

This Oga of mine- I'll call him Snuffleupagus, Snuffy for short- he has the same name as another character on Sesame street- has been out of town for about one week. Generally we speak to each other everyday. (He basically behaves like a good person and tries to do good by me, apologises every time he does something wrong, calls me regularly. But that's as far as it goes. Sometimes he just drives me up the wall.)

I had just finished getting my hair done and I really liked it. I thought of wearing it to see my boyfriend when he came, and just thinking about that made me w…

Protest Matters

Waz Happenin',

Na so I siddon jeje o on Friday, minding my blogness and staring at the clock in anticipation of the close of work- you know the usual Friday itinerary- when my phone rang. Now this friend of mine had been calling me all day, but I had been in one meeting after the other, so I couldn't speak to her. But she persisted, so in the evening I was finally able to answer her. She had said previously that she wanted us to hang out that day, so I was expecting her to tell me to meet her up somewhere. But she didn't say that. Instead she said she wanted to invite me for something. No wahala. I'm up for being invited for things. What's it, I wanted to know. A protest, she said, we are protesting the felling of some trees on Bourdillon road (IKOYI).

Now to understand this story properly I'll give you a little intro to Chili!'s personality. When children, women and human rights are concerned I will take leg waka the whole of Lagos and even Nigeria to prote…

Weekend Matters

Hiya everyone,

Much as I have complained all week, I must say that this has been a great week for me. I mean, I literally had to just say I wanted to buy something and I had several people jumping up to pay for it for me. I kid you not!!!! (Na that soap wey I take baf sha, I know. Now if only it works on my absent-minded, never-get-a-hint, boyfriend. )

Anyway as I go into this weekend, I will strive to meditate and focus on the next year. For the first time in my life, I'm writing my goals for the next year, AND mapping out strategies with which I intend to get there. And I'm actually speaking of personal goals! (It's a small leap for Mankind, but a giant leap forChili!, especially in these shoes.) What got me started in this direction, was a little goal I set for myself for the end of this week, which I achieved to my surprise, and one for the end of this month, which I am close to achieving. They seemed impossible to do, but I guess as they say, it's mind over matter.…

I confess, I don't understand men. I've been struggling with this issue for ages but I didn't want to seem weak and unstable to you guys so I never spoke about it. But now 'water don pass garri' o. I need help. And if washing my dirty Agent Provocateurs/Victoria Secrets in publog is going to solve this problem, then wash I shall!
I don't get it. What is the purpose of a relationship with the opposite sex? No, scratch that, not the opposite sex , with men. ( Some over-intelligent people go tell me say the relationship na for say make una marry. Ok o, but they will also tell you that you don't tell the man that, at the beginning of the relationship. Then how will you both know what you are aiming for? Sounds really stupid to me. )

Then when you are finally in a relationship- or to put it more succintly- when you think you are in a relationship you find a blog that suggests that you really aren't paying attention to all the important things, and…

MAD Matters


Chili is mad!!!! Again. I mean REALLY mad. What the hell is wrong with Nigerians? Why is it that we cannot differentiate being professional from being friendly? It's annoying. You give someone a job to do, give them a deposit, and they never deliver. And when you confront them they ask you to understand, or get angry that you are asking in an angry tone. Can you imagine?

I gave a colleague a printing job to do, a simple matter of some complimentary cards for my younger brother. The design was already on a CD and my brother came by himself to explain how exactly it should be done. That done, I asked when it would be ready, and he said Tuesday (it was Friday then). Ok no problem. He gave me a bill and informed me that he needed half the amount to begin the job. I gave it to him. On Monday he came to me and said the price he gave me for the cards was incorrect and that it would increase by about 500-1000 naira. I teased him about his cut throat practices but still conceeded. On Tues…