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The End

This will be the last time this blog will be open to the public. It
was an uneasy décision but I believe the best thing is to make this
blog private.
I struggled with the increasingly nagging suspicion that I had evolved
beyond the woman who began this; and now I am forced to see it's true.
My initial idea was to shut it down completely but I realise I still
need it to see where I have comé from.
My new self, I am pouring somewhere else, that location is not
hidden, but so that I am not seen in the light of this one, I will not
reveal it.
Thank you to all who stopped by and read what some random girl had to say.


My daughter turns 2 in a few days and I thought I should do something
nice for her to remember, especially as she has been seriously ill
with an infection and needs à bit of cheering up.
So I went to the babystore I patronise regularly to see if there was
anything she would like. (How I would pay for it was à different story
altogether, but I wasn't thinking about that just yet.) To cut a long
story short, the lady owner told me she just got some toys and
brought à large carton over to me. I picked out à toy kitchen set,
complète with plastic pots, spoons, whisk, griddles and à stove! I
knew my daughter would love that, and it would save us the headache of
her banging our pots and pans. I also picked out an alphabet building
block set that fit together like legos. I then asked her the cost and
to my surprise they came to just over 2000 naira! I was overjoyed
because I felt even if I didnt have any money that amount would not be
hard to raise. I begged her to reserve the things for me and went …