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Of Feet And Shoes And Hope And Despair

I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet - Jewish Proverb Over the past month or so I have had reason to be very sad about a few issues. Just when I thought things were going great, and I was finally getting my life in the groove, I was fired from my job for no just cause other than my boss felt insecure around me. I really did not mind being fired from that job but I really needed a job. I was afraid that I would be thrown back into the unemployment market indefinitely and that I would get to the point I had been for quite a while where I was unable to take care of even my basic needs and I depended on the charity of friends. And I did. At the same time I had to terminate my one month relationship because I finally realised that what he liked was my sparkling wallet not my bubbly personality. With my daughter's needs also crying for attention on one side it seemed I had come back to what I was most familiar and what would be practically permanent- lack. La…