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Opening New Doors

Oprah Winfrey, Madeleine Albright, Dora Akunyili, Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Debra L. Lee. When I pray, those rare moments when I can string my sentences together and tell God what I want/hope/feel, I never ask too be like these people. I feel that there can only be one of anyone in the world. You are the only you, and that is what you are meant to be.

This morning when I prayed, being that it was New Year's Eve, I prayed for the New year. I thanked God for the fantastic things he did for me this year and I asked for a consolidation. Not for prosperity, because I know that will come, I asked to fulfill my purpose. you see, this year, I took the step into the unknown and came out smelling roses. What I needed, waht I want, is a chance to use what the Lord has put in me to make my presence on earth beneficial to a few. This evening, God answered me.

It is the BET honors ceremony. They were honouring black people who haave contributed a lot to the American growth and Tyra was one of them…
Hi Y'all

At the beginning of this year all I could think of was how long it would take for me to have done a year on my job (then) so that I could resign. Luckily for me the months raced on, helped along by several things I had to do then, and I made progress and eventually made my way out. To Kenya.

It just happened that another company wanted me for a job in Nairobi, so off to Kenya I went. It also turned out that the company had several issues so what would have been a working trip turned into an all-expenses paid holiday, and what would have been my next job tuned into a one-month stint. So I left for uncertainty, and chickenpox.

I've never been as grateful to have an illness as I was to have chicken pox at the time I did. I was able to look critically at my life and decide what directions I would and would not go, and the universe heard me because everything just fell into place, including another all-expenses paid trip abroad. Then I fell and dislocated my ankle, but due to…

Men And Animals


So a lot has changed in my life over the past few months. MTV had taken full control of the wheel that's one. And love-wise all the exes were coming out of the woodwork. well almost all, the professional Ex hasn't come round yet- but, all the same, I have Snuffy, Pied Piper and Ex to think about. And I can only compare them to animals.

There's this 'quiz' we used to do in University which was said to be an extract from a psychologist's questions. You asked the person several questions, including favorite animal and colour, and the answers helped you understand the person's character. I was always a cat lover, even though I gravitated towards dogs at times.

EX I will liken to an exotic cat. A black panther or something. The type you stand in awe of and are attracted to at the same time. If it comes to you and allows you stroke it, you feel blessed, and you ar eonly too happy to let it be until the next time it indulges you a bit.

Pied Piper is like a C…