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My Secret Cult Ambush Experience

For some reason I remembered my first and only direct encounter with university cult members.
I was living with a friend in a private hostel just outside the school gates. On the ground floor of the hostel there was a restaurant- and a salon, if I remember correctly. The restaurant served as a rendezvous for a number of us as well as a nice place to buy some inexpensive food. I had been down there that evening, standing outside the restaurant having a conversation with a friend , one gorgeous boy I had met a few weeks back through another friend, when we just saw some people running a lot of them backwards, towards our direction. I cannot remember who said it or how we knew it but immediately there was a mad dash for an exit, any exit as we realised it was an attack by cult members.

Like a lot of people I ran into the restaurant, straight through to the back. At the back of the restaurant people began jumping over the fence. It was just me and one very fat boy left behind as we both c…


WILT means What I learnt Today.

I didnt learn all these today but I am writing about them today.

 I have learnt the vital skill of saving. I did not know how to do that before because I did not understand why I would have to deny myself something I could afford. But I understand now. I am not ashamed to go and pay coins into my account, I like the thrill of seeing my increased balance online.

I like my hair. Braids wrapped very intricately falling forward. very mysterious and deep.