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I'm looking back and seeing how I came out of a dark , dark place. And I am truly happy.

I am happy that I exercise for an hour every morning.
I am happy that I have dropped all fake friends.
 I am happy that I have a wonderful family that loves me and shows it.
I am happy that I am here.
 I am happy I turn 37 today and I don't look a day over 361/2. (LOL).

 Two nights ago, I had a dream. It wasn't a dream because I wasn't exactly asleep. I saw myself tethering on the edge of a canyon. I was afraid because I consciously did not want to fall into it knowing what that could signify spiritually and physically. Then I realised I was actually being pulled out of it with some sort of pulley or lever or contraption.

Thank You
It's been hard coming back to this blog. Particularly because it is a strong reminder of the life I had before and who I was before. But I will not go into all that.

This blog will become my gratitude journal.

So help me God.