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Yesterday I posted something in one of my blogs, and today I was shocked to find someone quote a sentence that described my exact sentiment to a tee. I was even more surprised to find that it was lifted off another post- a suicide note on a personal website.
I went over to the website and was astonished at how the whole note could easily have been written by me. From the time frame to the areas she felt she had failed, to her feelings about herself. I only disagreed with one thing , and that is that she felt she had nothing more to give. My greatest frustration stems from the inkling I have that I have a lot more to do here, but the many unnecessary hurdles to doing them.

Anyway, here's the link

( that link has been taken down but see the post here)

I am not about to commit suicide- at least not yet; I have a daughter, a young innocent, who is my weighty anchor to mortality. But I won't pretend it's not something (that's b…