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I sometimes sit to watch cartoons with my 4 year old daughter; half the time she blackmails me into spending the time with her , and the other half of the time I tell myself I am 'monitoring' what she is watching. As far as TV offerings go, the children's stations have quite the fare: Princess Sophia, Ben 10, Batman, Dora the Explorer, Jake the (I forget what), Sheriff Callie, Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob, and so on. She loves them all but by far her favourite is the old classic Tom and Jerry.
Tom and Jerry, what's not to love? Many of us grew up on the evergreen plot of a cat who can never win, chasing a mouse with evil intent. And even though a few of its characters actually speak nowadays, the cartoon has managed to retain its appeal.

So a few days ago I sat through another cartoon-viewing session, Tom and Jerry were on a trip to Hawaii. As usual things became violent with Tom in hot pursuit of Jerry... into a cave. Unfortunately this cave was the home of a fire g…