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Moments WITHOUT Mo


So I said I was going to keep this till later but she had to go and say another thing that made me want to strangle her. Mo, that is.

First the good. I remember watching her show, the first time, with a mixture of jealousy and joy. Jealousy that someone else was able to bring the kind of quality we needed to Nigerian television, and I wsn't a part of it, and joy that , finally , we had the answer to Oprah and co. But that is where the good ends. When she spoke it was obvious she needed help- lots of it. She had on John Fashanu and Nkechi Okocha and contrary to her 'inspire Africa' idea, she did not ask them anything, or get any info from them that was supposed to inspire in any way. It just seemed to me like a gossip show. That notwithstanding I gave her another chance and watched another episode. This time it was Modenine, the rapper, who was the guest. From the get-go it was obvious the guy had lost her with all that he was saying; she obviously was unfamiliar …

Style Them, Please!!!

I've just been watching one show called Style Me on STV. This will be the 2nd or 3rd time I am catching it because , no thanks to DSTV, I find myself not watching the local television stations regularly. I kinda like this secretly, because I tend to get a bit star-struck and sometimes make a fool of myself around our celebrities. But when I don't get to see them on local TV I don't know them etc.

Anyway, speaking of celebrities brings me to the point of today's rant. So, I caught this show today, a show that was obviously poorly built on the BBC's What Not To Wear and the Style Network's, How Do I Look, and I marvelled at how easily Nigerians dabble into television without thought for content. So what's wrong with the show again, someone asks. A lot. And I intend to list them all here.

First is this our love for instant celebrity. Everyone wants to be a star and when they appear on tv, regardless of if they are spouting rubbish from their lips , they assign t…


re⋅spect /rɪˈspɛkt/Show Spelled Pronunciation[ri-spekt]esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person

Friend 1: So I am trying to get over him

Friend 2: But what seems to be the problem. You said you like him

Friend 1: Yeah, well I do. But the problem is that he is commitment-shy. I see him today, we have a good time, then I dont hear from him for 2/ 3 weeks , then he comes and then another 5/6 months , etc. We've been doing this for 6 years.

Friend 2: ha! pray to God for strngth to break away from this relationship. It is dangerous. He will marry someone else and still keep coming back to you.

Friend 1: last week he told me he did not want a relationship with anyone. Can you imagine?

Friend 2: Why do you allow him back? Honestly?

Friend1 : Honestly? I like him. He is nice to me, he treats me with respect, he introduces me to new, exotic, luxurious, places, things.

Friend 2: respect?? and he disappears like that then comes back when he is good and ready?? don't …