Style Them, Please!!!

I've just been watching one show called Style Me on STV. This will be the 2nd or 3rd time I am catching it because , no thanks to DSTV, I find myself not watching the local television stations regularly. I kinda like this secretly, because I tend to get a bit star-struck and sometimes make a fool of myself around our celebrities. But when I don't get to see them on local TV I don't know them etc.

Anyway, speaking of celebrities brings me to the point of today's rant. So, I caught this show today, a show that was obviously poorly built on the BBC's What Not To Wear and the Style Network's, How Do I Look, and I marvelled at how easily Nigerians dabble into television without thought for content. So what's wrong with the show again, someone asks. A lot. And I intend to list them all here.

First is this our love for instant celebrity. Everyone wants to be a star and when they appear on tv, regardless of if they are spouting rubbish from their lips , they assign to themselves some sort of celebrity status and the right to dispense unwanted information, usually advice to their tortured viewers. That was the feeling that hit me when I saw the presenter(s) of the show. OK, in truth I have nothing against Buki De Lazaria who is obviously a co-presenter, and the better dressed of the two. The only thing is that she never manages to get a word in edge-wise with the all-knowing, domineering Isioma Aihie. If Isioma's intention is to be irritating and off-putting , believe me , it's working for me because she has nothing that qualifies her to be in the front-of-house as far as television is concerned. She speaks with a condescending, British (arrgh!) accent, is barely audible, and to add insult to injury she looks like she needs to eat or something. anyway, that's point no. 3.

Isn't that supposed to be a show about style? So shouldn't it be hosted by someone WITH style? (No offence Buki. ) Why then does Isioma look like she just got out of her car and onto set without a moment's thoughts as to what she is supposed to be hosting? And why does she have this long, drawn, badly made-up face which puts a huge question mark on her I-am-cool-cool-is-me attitude?

Then to the show, proper. Isn't it time someone in this country had an original idea? What's ingenious about pulling a girl's name from a box and sending her shopping, to the hairdressers and the make-up artist? Half the time all I see from the before and after pictures is a girl who wasn't dressed up before, decided to get dressed like she was going somewhere. Finish. It's a change any fool could organize. Here's an idea; pick out some celebrities/ socialites in the Lagos (Nigerian) society, who need a make-over, and provide them with that. There are lots of people; the ladies with thick layers of foundation that look like masks, the actress who wears the most outlandish outfits to events, etc. Or give a makeover to someone who cannot afford outfits, but is in need of a wardrobe change. Think for Christ's sake!

The moral of this story is become an act before you become a star. Jeez! And that goes for you too, Mo. I'm getting to you very soon.



chioma said…
grey! thanks for ur comment on my post, very helpful. Now unto moments with mo I thought it was just me, I really dont get it? I mean I have watched a few nigerian talk shows like funmi's and agatha's n u can tell they have researched n prepared for each topic.Now mo on the other hand..dont just get it..On style me..all i can say is LOL! and seriously u ahve such good ideas why dont u consult for these people

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