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How Can I Love My Neighbour

Every time I sign into yahoo messenger these days, there seems to be one story or the other about a family that had been slaughtered by their breadwinner. Almost everyday. The specifics are different, but the scenario is the same: owing to the recession, the man of the house finds himself in debt and penury, and sees death as the only way out.

A few years ago, I probably would have seen the man as wicked and evil. If you want to kill yourself do so, but why take young innocent lives with you? I shudder to imagine the terror in the minds of the kids when they saw their protector, their infallible parent, attempting to harm them greviously, over and over again (in the most recent one the father was said to have stabbed all the members of his family before he shot them, probably because the stab wounds did not do the trick), their last thoughts. But now, I can see how easily one can slip from hopeless to suicidal, when faced with problems that to many people seem insurmountable. I, infact…

Notes On A Prayer

I need to get through this because:

1. I need to arrange the kitchen in my new house like the Ikea one I love

2. I need to buy an Ipod dock/deck, hook up my I-Touch and blast my music loud, making everyone wonder where in heaven's name I got the Beatles, Al Green, James Brown and Marvin Gaye's greatest hits.

3. Of the smell of the untouched interior of my brand new car, while I relieve the Ipod docking station experience with my friends in the car

4. The documentary needs me

5. For the Pepa family

6. I want to grill in my brand new oven, light my scented candles and do my laundry without these hassles

7. The 40-inch flat screen has been in its box for over a year

8. I want to unpack my east african art

9. I am running on empty

so help me God


Not So Anonymous

' LOL, LOL and LOL!!!! Obviously dear, you have never done anything positive with your life which is why you would bitch about what other people are doing. You just came across like another unhappy, underachieved female...and might i add fat??? cos only ugly, unhappy fat people bitch about skinny ones!!! If you are such an authority on TV shows, wheres yours darling? Until you have one, pls go crawl back under your stone and die there...the world does not need you and what you dont have to offer! '

This was the message I received from an irate anonymous who had read this post and felt the need to make her 'contribution'. Unfortunately, the message came in on my blackberry, and I mistakenly rejected it before I had a chance to digest it. When I did go back and read it though, I found it so hilarious that I had to give it a post of its own. Now, ordinarily I would not bother replying a disgruntled anonymous, but because I know this anonymous in question is most likely the…