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Ex- Factor

For the first time in 6 years I saw my daughter's father. (I hate the term 'baby daddy', it seems too intimate for someone who is virtually a complete stranger.)  If it was shocking to see him after so much time, it was more shocking that he drove right beside me on the street where I live! As I stared at the car all the years of crystallized disappointment, anger, pain and hurt began to boil within me. I needed a seat.

The last time I saw him was at a pub in Ikeja, GRA, Lagos, in 2009. He had invited me there to talk about the pregnancy I had informed him about earlier. I was just about 2 months gone then, if memory serves me. I was very defensive because he had been quite rude and aggressive towards me prior to this meeting. The way he acted you would have thought I found his sperm and impregnated myself. He had been screaming on the phone when I said I had no plans to do anything about the pregnancy. Really yelling. Then he had broken the news that he denied earlier, w…