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Nothing (Gold) Can Stay

Nature's First Green Is Gold
The Hardest Hue To Hold.
Her Early Leaf's A Flower;
But Only So An Hour.
Then Leaf Subsides To Leaf.
So Eden Sank To Grief,
So Dawn Goes Down To Day.
Nothing Gold Can Stay.Robert Frost, 1928My first contact with this poem was on my - I think it was my 18th?- birthday. My elder brother had written it out in the card he sent me. (A beautiful card that had a tree which looked like it had just been touched by autumn: leaves of gold, red,brown and some green.)My initial reaction when I saw that poem was glee. My elder brother had always been a bit stand-offish and a loner. He is also a highly cerebral and intelligent person, so I felt proud that he would see me that way as well by quoting some classics for me. After reading it though, I did not know whether to be offended or amused or concerned. I still don't. I had always felt a sense of disapproval coming from him, but I chose to ignore it. It didn't help that my parents - especially my mother- prac…


'Elo Luv,

Here's a brief glimpse into my aspirations, my demons and my future (hopefully).


Had my own house, in a nice part of town, where the taps actually let out water!
Had a cat , or maybe that should be less illiterate neighbours who do not see a cat as an evil sign. (They are illiterate, not superstitious)

Had a car that would double as a van, a 4by4, a pick-up and luxury vehicle when I need it. (Or just another car would be fine , actually.)

Didn't have to clean up as much- or didn't hate house cleaning so much

Wasn't always skimping and saving especially when I so want to be generous with my family.

Didn't have this nagging feeling that time is running out on me. (I've had that feeling ever since I can remember and it has kept me from doing some pseudo-important things and hasn't pushed me enough to do the important ones.)

Had a boyfriend -so, there! I said it. Not the modern types that seem to come from a factory, these days, withou…