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Sufficiency Matters

It's possible it's me. I've been accused of being a perfectionist, having unrealistic expectations and views of life. A little part of me agrees with that. I see that I regularly get disappointed and dissatisfied with both mine and others results. But the other part of me rebels against that idea. In several aspects of my life I don't ask for much. A lot of people including Snuffy have said so. I know it myself. I just need to be above average. It's in my work that I attempt perfection; and like it or not, I (believe that I) am defined by my work- and that is how I assess everyone else.
I lie on my bed in this hotel room in Port Harcourt, on yet another business trip, apprehensive of the outcome of the assignment I am about to execute. Not because it is necessarily technical or voluminous but because the clients are problematic and keep changing ideas at every possible moment , without regard to the practicability of the idea. And I can't even as much as threate…