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Moving Forward

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be- and believe me I thought and thought. About what I would be missing (nothing), about what I would be losing (regular ...) About everything. There was no arguement, maybe because I didn't give room for any. Then it ended.
I can't lie, I felt bad. It's not easy handling the idea that you are not worth fighting for. Then I heard the story, and it confirmed all my worst fears.
My friend's husband is at it again o. This guy is a notorious flirt, we thought he would relax when he got hitched but things took a turn for the worse. His most insensitive escapade was with his brother-in-law's girlfriend. It's not as distant as it seems, the guy is his wife's brother who lives in the same house with them. At the same time he was asking his wife's colleague/employee out. That matter ended- until now.
Today she told me she was looking for a house. To move out to. Alone. Apparently her husband is on an extended trip abro…