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Sometimes getting the proper introduction to an essay is the reason why you delay and dawdle for ever and never write it. At least the reason why I dawdle. Anyway, I decided that if I were to attempt to even fill in the gaps about where I have been and what has happened since then I will just be wasting valuable time I can use on dwelling on the present. SO that is that for the opening.
I received an email on Friday last week from one of my bosses. Now, even though I was copied into the email, it was not directed at me. It was directed at my subordinate and it referred to and carried a previously discussed, restructured organogram. In this new structure the aforesaid subordinate had been pulled up to my level, and as a result would not report to me anymore, and she had a number of people under her, who were under me before and a whole new title. I was surprised. The very idea that the email had been sent to her was an indication that whatever changes were being announce…