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Something Died

Something died
But it left no smell
Just the mental evidence
Of a loss of life.

Something died
On Resurrection morning
When the Bone of Contention
Made an appearance

Something died
The death of acid on flesh
Stripping away, melting
Any semblance of hope:
No frivolities, no fashion,
No indulgences, no freedom...

Something died...
In me.

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My Personal Meteorite

So I watched a movie tonight that could only have been made for me. It's called 127 hours. It's one of those works that doesn't condone ambivalence; you either like it or you don't. I loved it.It is a true-life story, but a relatively simple plot. A young carefree, adventurous man goes hiking in the grand canyon, gets stuck somewhere and through that experience relieves and changes his life. It's the execution and the details that get you.The man Aron Ralston- google him- fell into a hole in the rock he was walking on, and as he descended, his arm got caught in between another relatively smaller rock that fell with him, and the large canyon slab that he had been walking on. Left with very little water and absolutely no other supplies, on the 5th day, he had to amputate his arm to free himself.Now initially when I was watching the movie and seeing the guy hiking and jumping all by himself I thought that was dangerous. What if sth happened to him. And then it did. An…