Moving Forward

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be- and believe me I thought and thought. About what I would be missing (nothing), about what I would be losing (regular ...) About everything. There was no arguement, maybe because I didn't give room for any. Then it ended.
I can't lie, I felt bad. It's not easy handling the idea that you are not worth fighting for. Then I heard the story, and it confirmed all my worst fears.
My friend's husband is at it again o. This guy is a notorious flirt, we thought he would relax when he got hitched but things took a turn for the worse. His most insensitive escapade was with his brother-in-law's girlfriend. It's not as distant as it seems, the guy is his wife's brother who lives in the same house with them. At the same time he was asking his wife's colleague/employee out. That matter ended- until now.
Today she told me she was looking for a house. To move out to. Alone. Apparently her husband is on an extended trip abroad and she wants to get out before he comes. He had something to do with her younger sister, who lives with them. And this wasn't his first attempt at sleeping with her sisters. But hopefully this would be the last.
The theme of this discourse is: these things we do for/ take from our men in the interest of 'peace', are they worth the effort? And at the end of the day does it not chip at essential bits of that confident, beautiful young lady that used to say ' I won't take that from a man, if I were in her shoes', and transform her into that drained, drawn, resigned old lady who just shrugs her shoulders and says ' we are looking to God'.
Do they exist, men who are honest and faithful? Is the order of things that men reign as supreme philanderers and women the degraded subject?
Is God a chauvnist?

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