'Elo Luv,

Here's a brief glimpse into my aspirations, my demons and my future (hopefully).


Had my own house, in a nice part of town, where the taps actually let out water!
Had a cat , or maybe that should be less illiterate neighbours who do not see a cat as an evil sign. (They are illiterate, not superstitious)

Had a car that would double as a van, a 4by4, a pick-up and luxury vehicle when I need it. (Or just another car would be fine , actually.)

Didn't have to clean up as much- or didn't hate house cleaning so much

Wasn't always skimping and saving especially when I so want to be generous with my family.

Didn't have this nagging feeling that time is running out on me. (I've had that feeling ever since I can remember and it has kept me from doing some pseudo-important things and hasn't pushed me enough to do the important ones.)

Had a boyfriend -so, there! I said it. Not the modern types that seem to come from a factory, these days, without a warranty, or a manual , and with factory defects, and a secret expiry date. No. I want the old-fashioned types that listen and actually hear, that are capable of staying how and where you left them and have no speech/ language impediments.

Had a future that would let go of my past (God knows I have!). So I was sexually abused, so I was emotionally scarred by the neglect, I'm moving on! Don't keep bringing those arseholes to me! Jeez!

Would stop believing it when artisans say they will 'soon be there' . It will save me a lot of stress and negative energy when they saunter in three hours later.

Could make things a little less difficult and unpredictable sometimes...

How ya living?

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