Opening New Doors

Oprah Winfrey, Madeleine Albright, Dora Akunyili, Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Debra L. Lee. When I pray, those rare moments when I can string my sentences together and tell God what I want/hope/feel, I never ask too be like these people. I feel that there can only be one of anyone in the world. You are the only you, and that is what you are meant to be.

This morning when I prayed, being that it was New Year's Eve, I prayed for the New year. I thanked God for the fantastic things he did for me this year and I asked for a consolidation. Not for prosperity, because I know that will come, I asked to fulfill my purpose. you see, this year, I took the step into the unknown and came out smelling roses. What I needed, waht I want, is a chance to use what the Lord has put in me to make my presence on earth beneficial to a few. This evening, God answered me.

It is the BET honors ceremony. They were honouring black people who haave contributed a lot to the American growth and Tyra was one of them. And even though she is someone I would not ordinarily listen to for long, she mad a great deal of sense to me tonight. she thanked all the women who had opened doors so she could make a headway, and the nickel dropped.

I have always had an issue with female role models in Nigeria. Either they do not live for what they claim to, or they are too frivolous to be grounded. With my business God had given me the opportunities- yes, several- to step into places girls have ordinarily been forbidden to go, and conquer. To open doors so young girls know they can do much better. And that there are no limits.

So 2009 is my year to open doors. It means conquering my fears and doing what I only whispered about to myself, it means being committed to a path I have chosen, it means living positively, regardless. And I am writing this so I can refer to it later, and remind myself where I am going, and why I am on that path, and why I can't stop.

So help me God.



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