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So a lot has changed in my life over the past few months. MTV had taken full control of the wheel that's one. And love-wise all the exes were coming out of the woodwork. well almost all, the professional Ex hasn't come round yet- but, all the same, I have Snuffy, Pied Piper and Ex to think about. And I can only compare them to animals.

There's this 'quiz' we used to do in University which was said to be an extract from a psychologist's questions. You asked the person several questions, including favorite animal and colour, and the answers helped you understand the person's character. I was always a cat lover, even though I gravitated towards dogs at times.

EX I will liken to an exotic cat. A black panther or something. The type you stand in awe of and are attracted to at the same time. If it comes to you and allows you stroke it, you feel blessed, and you ar eonly too happy to let it be until the next time it indulges you a bit.

Pied Piper is like a Cheshire. Purely decorative, utterly selfish. Will not come around except it is hungry and will wander off as soon as it is fed. Knows the way home, but uses it at it's convenience.

Snuffy is a dog. Not the gorgeous, enormous, great dane or alsatian types, or the cute, lovable chihuahua types, but an ugly, uncouth local breed. The type that has tits dangling and is always drooling. They have no loyalty and all they want is food. As a matter of fact I dont know any dogs like that so I would say he is an alley cat.

Like most alley cats do, he came out of the alley again on Christmas day. Probably looking for a place to eat free food, or just chill without paying for it. Or maybe one or all of his 'igbotic ' girls went home for Christmas and he was bored. It was Christmas, anyway, so I let him in- and immediately regretted it. All the reasons I kicked him out just came and slapped me in the face, one by one. I couldn't wait for him to leave. Now, instead of analyzing him and his actions I just dismissed them and dissed him.

Pied Piper received almost the same treatment, maybe worse. He came to the country, I saw him once or twice and then told him to pretty much get lost. It didn't help that he asked me for money, though. I just thought, you sorry mofo, get your ass off my bed and out of my life. The question ' what the hell am I doing with you?' suddenly came to mind. A man whose 'proposal' to me was that I should have his baby, because having it with his wife would take too long since she had fibroid. ( Don't even go there! I was there before the aforesaid 'wife', she was just richer and a resident of a foreign country. But that's another story that I am too ashamed and too weary to even go into.) so he's history.

The last of my romantic cleansing acts is a mental one devoted to ex. It has to be mental; he exists more on that level than on any other , for me. As with all exotic cats, he is best lsft at a distance. The reason is that they are so unpredictable; you never know when thay will turn around and attack you.

The point of all this is this. I stil love animals; cats and dogs especially. But I need a new pet, and I'm kicking out all the old ones. But I want a cat that warms up to the owner and is loyal and faithful. Or a dog that has grace and confidence and sagacity. Confidence, grace, loyalty, intelligence, honesty, genuineness, faithfulness, beauty, those are the qualities I am looking for, those are the qualities he must have. but if it's too much to ask and he does not exist, that's perfectly okay- I haven't had a pet for years.

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