MAD Matters


Chili is mad!!!! Again. I mean REALLY mad. What the hell is wrong with Nigerians? Why is it that we cannot differentiate being professional from being friendly? It's annoying. You give someone a job to do, give them a deposit, and they never deliver. And when you confront them they ask you to understand, or get angry that you are asking in an angry tone. Can you imagine?

I gave a colleague a printing job to do, a simple matter of some complimentary cards for my younger brother. The design was already on a CD and my brother came by himself to explain how exactly it should be done. That done, I asked when it would be ready, and he said Tuesday (it was Friday then). Ok no problem. He gave me a bill and informed me that he needed half the amount to begin the job. I gave it to him. On Monday he came to me and said the price he gave me for the cards was incorrect and that it would increase by about 500-1000 naira. I teased him about his cut throat practices but still conceeded. On Tuesday he came into the office, we exchanged pleasantries, he went about his duties, no mention of the cards. Close of work he went home. The next day as he came into he office I asked about the cards he began to smile sheepishly and then changed the subject telling me how pretty I looked. That got me very irritated and I scolded him, telling him that we were making these cards for a purpose and there was a deadline. He said I should try to understand , then began to tell me some cock-and-bull story about how it's the festive period and one thing, one thing. You know that just IRRITATES ME!!!! REALLY!!!

I mean you call someone up who is supposed to have done a job for you ages ago- you call him/her up - BY YOURSELF- to ask for it, and they give you a ridiculous story of how 'their dog got sick so their cat had to do the security patrol in the compound and so they didn't get any sleep and so were too tired to work that morning'. Accepted, some serious family issues can prevent one from carrying out their occupational responsibilities. I mean, far be it from me to scold you for not doing your work when you had to rush your child to the hospital, or you had a vehicular mishap, or you were ill, or you sha ran into some misfortune. But when your excuse is "it's my son's birthday tomorrow and I'm shopping', -yes I've heard something as stupid as that- or 'I have a lot of work and yours had to take the back seat'- and that too, even when I'd paid- i will FLIP. And my flipping is notorious (or should I say I'm notorious for my flipping?) Anyway you get the gist. And if you dont here's what I'm trying to say: Business is Business. If you expect to be paid (well) for a job, then do it well, and on time. Period!!!

So back to this 'yeye' colleague of mine O. This guy did not bring the cards until a week later , Monday of the next week, by which time my brother had travelled. Without aplologies he dropped them on my desk- pleasantly though- and walked off. He then came back a few minutes later to ask when I thought I would be able to give him the rest of the money. Wrong day, wrong time for that nigger. I FLIPPED and FLIPPEEED!!!!! I was pissed. I hadn't even got the chance to check the bloody thing!!!! He apologised and walked off-not that he had a choice because if he hadn't I would have filled his ears with enough venom to cover his unborn generations. Only for me to check it and find that they did it all wrong!!! Only two colours black and white, the black was grey and the white was 'tearing'. What the hell is up with that? I pointed it out to him and said he needed to do it again. He immediately returned my money in anger. The idiot. He better!!!

Nigerians seem to have little sense of responsibility and even less sense of timing. Today ,means anytime within the week, and now, means in three hours! And it seems the timing slows down even more when you've paid!!! I met a guy recently who is very conscious of quality of service. I used to yab him that he was too stingy but I see his point. He always says "Is the money so easy for you to come by that you want to spend it without getting value for it?'' Why don't we even demand value for our money? And why don't the stupid service providers realise that your money is the reason they opened for business in the first place?

I could go on and on with tales of similar situations but I'd rather not. I'm getting worked up again.

I dey go jare!!



Anonymous said…
Don't get mad, drink Gulder Max, hic!

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