If i mind it matters

Hi Yawl,

Its the very first day of the creation of this fantastic blogspot- even if i say it myself- applause, please, thank you very much.

Now, off the top of my head, I can see that I am going to have two, maybe even three problems. ("There are three things pleasing to the Lord, four indeed that delight him" remember that? Oh whatever!)
Anyway, the first problem is likely to be the fact that my penchant for grammar and punctuation is going to show through! It already is isn't it?

The second is the fact that I'm always at work when I can get access to the Web. So, how do I dodge a possible boot, and feed my excessive cathartic desires- i warned you, didnt i?- to the extent that I need?

And thirdly, the age-long problem of journalists- what do i leave out?

ok, gotta go now beautiful people, talk to you soon. Please talk to me.


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