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Hey Folks,

I had a pretty awful day yesterday and I still feel bad about it.
So out of the blues a generous friend of mine sent me 10K. I was
ecstatic because it meant that I could afford milk and nappies for my
baby especially as she was close to running out. I spent 2k on some
essentials and planned to go to the market the next day to get my
baby's supplies.
Now, lately I would rather not drive to the market on Mission road,
here in Benin; parking is torture and backing out is even worse. You
have to contend with human and vehicular traffic!Anyway, that day,
because my mum sent me on some errands close to the market, I thought
it would make sensé to save the 'okada' fare I would have spent the
next day, if I just went to the market from there.
As I drove in I noticed that the low barricades on both sides of the
road had been broken, making it impossible for cars to drive in and
park, with their bumpers close to the stalls and their backs to the
streets, as was the usual practice. But there were à lot of cars
parked along the street, which I assumed was à result of the
Anyway, after driving up the street looking for space unsuccessfully,
I drove back down in a bid to leave, but changed my mind when I saw à
car pull out. I waited for it to leave and parked there.I had barely
stepped out of the car when I saw à man in uniform standing by the
driver's sidé. I walked up to him and then noticed that à towing van
had actually pulled up to my bumper and the men were getting ready to
hook up my car! When I asked the uniformed man what was going on hé
said no one was allowed to park there. I was shocked cos there were no
signs to indicate that plus there were LOTS of cars parked there. I
mean I even waited for one to pull out and the speed at which they
arrived there meant they obviously saw that!
Anyway, to cut à long story short, the uniformed man, seeméd to change
his mind, due to the pleas from me and the nappy seller, who latér
joined me. Hé said hé would just tow the car à short distance and let
me go. The trader got into the car with me and we left. Unfortunately,
hé lied.
To cut à short story shorter, the car was towed to their office quite
à distance away - to Sapele road for those who know Bénin- and just as
we arrived there I was slammed with à 13000 naira fine. When this
happened, I wept. Not because of the fine or the towing but because
the precious money which would have solved my baby's pressing need was
gone for nothing. After à lot of verbal manipulation and liés from
them they said they could only reduce the amount to 7000. My mum
already asked for 1000 from the money so I literally was left with
Thinking about it now, I'm just so unhappy. We are down to just 2
nappies and the last tin of milk and I cant tell how another will
come. I am so upset with myself for going to the market that day, I
imagine how I could have prevented this from happening, and finally, I
wonder when it will all end.



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