WILT - The Abundance In Giving

What I Learnt Today - more like this week and last- through hunger and starvation and lack, was a lesson I had learnt before and forgotten.

You see when I was going through all the trauma and stress while pregnant and just after giving birth and having to depend on charity for my welfare, I realised that it is very necessary to give. To be painfully generous. Even when it is illogical and you think the person asking should know better or at least have some decorum. Still give. You see until I was in a position where I lacked, and I could not do anything about it no matter how hard I tried, and had to depend on the charity of people for survival, I never understood. I did not appreciate that people could be in that position not for minutes or hours or days or months but even years.

In the last two weeks I found myself in that position again through a series of events. This time, however, I did not go asking for anything because I did not think it necessary. I did not panic, really. But I was amazed at how people still came around asking me for favours not knowing I had even gone beyond rock bottom. And the point hit me again. Give. When you can, if you can, how much you can. Nobody enjoys having to beg. Some people may be accustomed to it but they would give a great deal to be in a different position. It is not your job to judge. Just give.

This may be a difficult message for a few people, and that is fine. I know when I am clearly being taught a valuable life lesson. I am not even speaking from a religious standpoint but from that of a Universal Utilitarian. I have glimpses once in a while that my purpose here is to share anything I have been given and this was one of them. And when I begin to resent that I begin to stifle my growth.

And it is funny that the minute I got this lesson, I received an unexpected windfall ( at least according to my present standards).


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