Here We Go Again

I feel ashamed and guilty to complain about my relationship. The shame comes from the fact that I am speaking about it to strangers over and over again. (I imagine they are saying " enough already, dump the twit and let's have peace".
I can't for the life of me get why I feel guilty -and it has nothing to do with me feeling that I have something to do with it- but I feel it anyway.
I'm sad today, really unhappy. I wish I could say I don't know what to do... But I do.
I want to go through the process of losing weight-and develop the confidence, health and happiness that comes with it.
I want to move house- I'm tired of this rat-infested, dilapidated, ugly house.
I want to feel like I am making a difference in my or someone else's life. I want to feel like my existence is necessary for something or important to someone.
I called him this evening to invite him to accompany me to a tv show I was to appear on. Not as a guest just for moral support. He didn't seem very enthusiastic. I asked him what was wrong, he said nothing. Infact let me transcribe the whole coversation:
Chili: hi, em... are you coming to my place on Sunday (we usually hang out on Sundays)
Snuffy: I should
Chili: Is that a yes or no
Snuffy: Yes
Chili: ok I'm supposed to be on a show on xyz television and I'd like you to come with me
Snuffy: (silence)
Chili: not to be on the show just go with me
Snufy: eh, ok tomorrow we'll talk now
Chili: the thing is that I'm trying to plan my day and I'm planning you into it. I have to leave home by 12 to get my nails done .
Snuffy: ok I'll come
Chili: yeah but when? Can you make it before 12? Or will you meet me there?
Snuffy: I don't know now, sebi we'll talk tomorrow
Chili: but I need to know so I can decide whether to leave my car or not
Snuffy: I can't say but I'll try to come before 12
Chili: ok what's preventing you from knowing?
Snuffy: nothing
Chili: (lists all the impossible reasons why he can't come, jokingly)
Snuffy: no
Chili: why are you so cold? If its me you'll complain. Are you ok?
Snuffy: Yeah, I'm cool. I will come before you leave
Chili: okaaaay
Snuffy: ok, bye. (Drops phone)
Now the background to this is that Snuffy has never taken me anywhere. We've never been anywhere together except for Shoprite which I made him take me to when I was mad at him but needed someone to accompany me shopping. Also though we hang out on Sundays at my place a lot-even though I haven't done that in 4 weeks- he NEVER comes early. The earliest he's ever been was 2 pm.
So while I was speaking to him these were the fears I had, along with the thots that he was kinda cold and that he hung up rather abruptly. And all this barely a day after we had a fight over his lack of enthusiasm!
I'm sick of that. I'm sick that I'm not enough or rather inadequate for my man.
I'm sick that I have to come up with little ways to remind him that I exist and being met with coldness.
I'm sick -no hurt and disappointed that I can't really get myself out of this situation just because I am weak and I let him persuade me everytime.
I'm sick that I've fallen into the trap that I never believed I would get into: hanging on for dear life for fear of letting go. Afraid that there's nothinh to go to, and there never will be.

How ya living
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hey babes, I got you! can kick him to the curb for me. How u doin'? :)
Chili Pepa said…
Thanks NP, I just might take you up on that offer. How have u been? Thanks for dropping by.

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