Giving Thanks Matters

Dear God,

Thank you for it all. I am so used to chasing after the next new thing that I fail to see all I have in my kitty.

Thank you for work, you know my work is my life.

Thank you that the dollar is so familiar to me, even though I live in Nigeria ( you know what I mean).

Thank you for the courage to walk away from dead-end jobs without a plan for tomorrow - the very thing Snuffy advised against.

Thank you for creating a massive opening for me thereafter, one I would never have been able to imagine or achieve by myself.

Thank you for my ambition to do more, that makes everything I have already done negligible, to me.

Thank you for my food, it has always been an important part of my physical and psychological development.

Thank you for chocolates; how would I have sat through some useless TV programs, or survived the Enugu shoot?

Thank you for coke, which it can go it's own way now. It was great while it lasted, though.

Thank you for fresh fruits, foodstuff, and vegetables. For crayfish, dry fish, egusi and ogbono which I seriously craved abroad.

Thank you for prawns. Jumbo prawns. Yummm.

Thank you for sisi eko from La Cachette; my former daily lunch.

Thank You for my mind

Thank you that I love and understand gadgets, and that most of my female friends don't get it (tee hee).

Thank you that a good conversation is on top of my list of my priorities.

Thank You for love

Thank you for my family: my brothers who never stop teasing me, my parents who give a new meaning to unconditional love, my grandparents who try unsuccessfully to hide a smile when I murder my language.

Thank you for my friends who have become the family that I had a hand in choosing.

Thank you for all my exes, those that still bother me and those that have faded into history. Without them what would I chat about with my girls? (LOL)

Thank you Lord, for all the times I forgot to say those words. For all the pleasant surprises, for all the blessings in disguises, for a word of inspiration from a stranger, for the ability to move, to breathe, to speak, to eat, to laugh, to dance, to be, without considering it twice.

If I die today, it would have been be well worth the journey.

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