Detours On The Journey Called Life- 2015 Edition

Last year was a bitch and she went hard. There were so many things that went wrong and there were so many times I felt life was not worth it. However. for some reason, I am here and as tangible proof that I have imbibed (an) intangible lesson(s) here is my list for 2015.

1. Depression is real. It is not a feeling, it is not a mood, it is not sadness. It is a consuming darkness that swallows the sufferer. You can 'shake it off ' as easily as you can regulate your body temperature when you have a fever. You can 'get over it' just as easily as you get over other serious illnesses without medication. ( This is being satirical by the way.)

2. Act first, think later. Think your way to the answer in action. Even if you don't know how to do it. Even if you have never seen anyone else do it.

3. Don't be deceived when anyone says 'you can talk to me' or its equivalents. Very few people really want to hear about your issues and even fewer give a shit. Don't set yourself up for hurt.

4. Sometimes you have to give Karma a hand. Whether it is with hard, consistent work or with one swipe at the bastard, once in a while karma could do with some help.

5. (My ) Family is everything.

6. Friends (and support) can appear in the most unlikely places.

7. You can spend a whole year trying and trying again.

8. There are times you have to perform surgery on your life. Decisively and coldly cut the shit out for your health's sake.


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