Hashtag 'cringe'

Now I never really comment when foreign journalists or people generally make blunders about Nigeria from the outside looking in but this story has awoken my deepest repugnance in ways I have not felt in a long time.

It is more of an ode to debauchery and hedonism than a sane view of Nigeria through anyone's eyes. It lacks context and depth and is downright offensive. How does that Aisha Shaba fall into the category of people who came back because of Buhari for heaven's sake? Also what is that righteous indignation at the kids begging? Asking them  to sell recharge cards. How many years has Ibru been in Nigeria? And is that lifestyle the reality of Nigerians because of Buhari?

I had hoped that with the internet and all the other global technological advances stories like this would have died a natural death , but I guess I was wrong. There is always that one journalist  who overfed on champagne, suya and probably weed loses his bearings in one solitary spot on the Lagos landscape.


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