WTH Do You Want?

I saw the call yesterday, at about 8pm or thereabouts. I say 'saw' because I heard the phone ring, checked the caller ID and just ignored it. Then my other phone rang. This time a different person but one equally as unwelcome. Then there was quiet , for a few hours before the first phone rang again. The same unwelcome first caller. I thought it might be something semi-important so I sent an sms: saw missed calls from you on this phone. what's up? Of course there was no reply.

What part of 'don't call me again' is difficult for men to comprehend? You are there and they treat you like you are invisible, then when you walk away they start calling incessantly. I know some girls find that amusing and think that if he tries to come back they have him in their grip. well, I'm not one of them. When I finally make to my mind to kick a guy out, I really cant stand him thereafter. He literally irritates me. So get lost, means that. Piss off!



I am with you on this really. You get all the chances to treat this lady right but you blew it. She made up her mind and said it was over and you now realise you needed her. What happens again when she comes back? It will surely be back to square one.

It aint worth it
Chili Pepa said…
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