C'est La Vie

Life can be ridiculously tough for a lot of people, and incredibly cruel. You attempt to rise and you are beaten down, mauled and trampled on. Then left for dead. And if you are stupid enough to try to rise again the process is repeated till you get the message. You just keep catching curve balls with spiked edges, and you are expected to make it a fun game. And sometimes you win, you really do. But that's not often. And that is just for regular people. If you were unfortunate to be born with some 'defect', like a brain, and/or an aversion to conventional wisdom, or other physical/ physiological differences, then your curve balls have curve balls of their own. You are wrong in all the right ways; but aint nobody got time for that shit.

For those times when you just want to crumple into a ball and whither into oblivion, remember this: life is a fucking wimp. When the tears dry, fight back.

Cryptic words. I know, but here's something less cryptic from one of my favourite artistes, Pink. Dedicated to all 'outsiders'.


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