Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So I felt I need to weigh into this ongoing hullabaloo about natural (political) hair. I mean it is the least I can do considering I am on both sides of the divide- I have natural hair but I texturise it to make it soft.

I have seen ladies insult themselves on social media because of this issue, the purists claiming natural hair is the only sign of genuineness , and that false, chemically relaxed and treated hair is fake. I even heard Chimamanda Adichie said that hair is political- I have still not watched that clip though . One of my favourite bloggers has now shut down her blog over the acrimonious disagreement with another blogger over natural hair. My question is 'Babes, when did it become that serious'?

Like religion, like sexuality, like every other thing that should be personal to us we have taken this hair matter waaaay too far. Suddenly you are growing your hair using only natural products and even if it is frustratingly difficult to comb out and tame in the morning you feel you have a point to prove by leaving it natural. You have natural hair but false eyelashes, false nails and 4 layers of makeup, and you still speak of being genuine? What are you trying to prove with your own natural hair exactly? I am confident? I like the hair I was born with?  I am a rebel? What?! The hair grows out of your head simply because it was designed to so  by the Almighty. Making it seem like there is some sort of superior insight that makes you have it on your head is downright stupid. Not to mention fraudulent.

I can understand if the desire for natural hair is borne out of an increased knowledge of the dangers of chemical processing, and I respect that. But having 'natural' hair and then fixing weaves, or braiding it with synthetic extensions sort of defeats that purpose doesn't it?

I am not a fan of Brazilian, Peruvian or whatever weaves. I think they look genuinely silly on a lot of ladies, especially piled on like they are, in multi-coloured whorls. And they seem to go these days with the Nike-sponsored eyebrows and outlandish clothing. But hey, to each his own! Who am I to tell a lady what to wear? I can decide if I like it or not, but to categorically state that you must comply with my own taste preferences is plain nonsense.

In conclusion therefore, the world is made up of different people by design not by mistake. Deal with it.


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