Sorry about yesterday. I was overwhelmed with work and I couldn't write as much as I needed to. But here is the continuation of the weekend saga.

(I was trying to say yesterday, that I work in an events management agency, which is actually an arm of an advert agency so we organize events around brands, as opposed to organising events for the sake of it. Anyway, because of our job, attending other events is also very important to us, at least to see what else is going on. so that was why I would give the flyer for an event to my boss and expect him to pay for it.)

So I had successfully completed phase 1 of my 2-phase plan by Wednesday. I had given my boss the flier and he thought the show was a good idea. So I was just biding my time till Friday before I launched the reminder.

On Friday I saw my boss, remembered all the things I needed to say to him, but like magic at some point in the day he picked up his briefcase and travelled!!! I was devastated. So no event for me, no dressing up and looking good. Na wa o.

Anyway, I still tried to find a way, I learnt my company was supposed to be there to represent a client so I was sure of free passes at least. But what would I do about my transportation, and my looks? Remember, I was broke.And in addition to that my hair needed doing. Somehow, I managed to fill my tank up to the half mark , so that was eliminated. Now for my hair.

Try as I could, I didnt seem to have any luck in the hair department. I had favours to curry and I couldnt go looking the way I did. Then God heard my prayer and it began raining heavily. At that point I realised that there was no need to bother. I decided against going. But it bothered me o. ah! I felt as if everyone was having a blast and I was the only one 'roasting'.

Fast forward to yesterday and I was discussing with the assistant who made it there to set up props. Apparently the show, billed to begin at 6, didnt begin until 9, and ended at 1.30am!!! How would I have come home? And then to add insult to injury, the show wasn't all that. It was boring, cos a lot of people didnt come. Thank God for small mercies.

Anyway my boss has informed me that I am going to represent him at a very big show this weekend. That is assured so I am looking forward to that.

How ya living



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